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Friday, October 19, 2018

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I went to the gym first thing in the morning and now my whole body feels like jelly. I've been adopting a different lifestyle lately that includes working out, doing yoga (my brain just needs it and it's great for my anxiety!) and eating healthy. I've been through a lot lately and I thought a change was very much needed, starting from the simple things, working my way up to more drastic changes. I'm also working on some fun projects that won't see the light of day until the new year - but watch this space! - and I still have to focus on my novel for #NaNoWriMo happening next month. Are you freaking out yet? Because I am. Big time. 😱 . Anyway, what have you been up to and how are you gonna change your life these last few months of the year?? 🎃🍂🤓

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