Monday, October 22, 2018

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Good morning and happy start of the week! Mondays are usually my favourites, I'm so much more motivated and energized and ready to tackle all my to-do list! First thing first, I wanted to let you know that I opened a #Patreon account so if you like the content I post on Instagram and on my blog, you can check out my page and support me and my work. As you know, I'm writing a book (actually I'm currently writing two but who's counting?) and in order to give writing the time and energy it deserves, I need to make some sacrifices but that's where you can help! You'll get exclusive content from writing and blogging tips to writing prompt to help you write your first book to postcards I will send to your doorstep + more exclusive content you won't be able to get on the blog. If you will decide to support me, I will be forever thankful! If not, there are no hard feelings here! You can check out my blog and chat with me on Twitter (all the links in bio!) 😘🎃🐝

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