Monday, April 09, 2018

This week has been ectic af!
I basically ate a lot of chocolate left overs from Easter and I started writing again, hoping to finish my novel.

I've been consistent with my blog and my bookstagram and since I'm writing all day, every day, I think I deserve a pat on my shoulder, don't I?

Anyway, this has been my week in books (and a cheeky little doggy 😉)

Easter had me at "look! more chocolate!"
My little cousins had the ability of exhausting me, playing hide and seek in a massive countryhouse is hard, people, it's really bloody hard. I didn't write at all.
it's not a bookstagram post if I don't share pictures of my babies, is it? 
I went camping with some friends and I felt absolutely calm and relaxed all day. The place we went to was something like out of Cabeswater: magical and weird. 
And I loved it.
I shared everything I did in March in this cheeky little pointless post on the blog.
I didn't write anything because I came back home very early in the morning and all I did was sleeping the morning off and dreaming about long gone chocolate.
I shared a review of this amazing book that had me in tears. 
I wrote some words and finally got my writing mojo back!
I also shared a post about all the books we should re-read at least twice!
I wrote some more and napped. A lot. 
Meanwhile the kids came to visit us and we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets aka my favourite Harry Potter movie.
I shared my love for ACOTAR and this book I got sent in the mail.

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