I'm Marylou, a 25 (slowly going for the 26 but still rocking that teenager charm)  years-old blogger, writer, compulsive reader who spends way too much time on the Internet, constantly looking for the next best-seller while fighting against the devil, aka, writer's block - that old bitch.

I started blogging at the age of 14 when pouring my heartbreaking disadventures with boys on the Internet was way cooler than it is now.

Since then I changed my blog's name - a couple hundred times - I changed the colour of hair - just as much as I change my knickers (is it TMI? Oh well...) I also changed my take on boys, which means that if your name is not Will Herondale, you can keep your demon pox for yourself. Thanks.

I'm also known as the girl who cries over fictional characters and sometimes - okay, fine! All the time! - falls in love with them too 

(Herondales, I'm low key looking at you rn!)

After blogging about the most random stuff from "How to survive High School without having a meltdown" to "how to stay calm when you're the only girl in a male also very gay group of friends" to "how not to fall in love with your supermarket cashier who already has a girlfriend and is totally screwing you over" I finally found what my true passion is: Will Herondale  BOOKS.

Everything book related.

From reviews to discussions to book talks. I will share my take on book-to-movies adaptations as well as tv-series, new bookish finds, hauls, snippets from my Instagram - insert shameless self-promo HERE - covering some pop culture trends and mental health.

Being a writer means that I get to share my journey to become an author with whoever crosses my path, aka this corner of the Internet.

You can expect a lot of writing posts such as advice, tips I learn along the way, rumbles about "how bloody hard writing truly is" mixed with a  sprinkle of "who the hell told me into this, ffs?" I will also share some of my own writing from the dark place, as in, the drawers of my desk where all my writing hopes go to die, or from my own journal.

I'm also the creator of a little Book Club - THE NIGHT COURT SOCIETY - a monthly bookish date with all my fellow readers.


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