Monday, November 12, 2018

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I've been watching a lot of videos lately on scheduling and making sure I'm getting things done by the end of the day and I kid you not, it's working. Now, I'm way behind my schedule for this morning - I woke up late and couldn't get out of bed - but I'm making sure I'm crossing everything off as fast as I can. . This scheduling thing is also very good if you wanna make sure you're writing every single day for #nanowrimo I'm ten days behind but I'm now writing at least an hour during the day and then give my whole attention to my novel just before bed. It's working. . Are you guys joining NaNo this month? I'm still a bit behind - okay, a lot actually - but I'm making progress. Sure thing I won't win this year like I did last November but I'm writing my butt off, which is the main goal.

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