Tuesday, September 04, 2018

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I don't even need to change the world, I'll make the moon shine just for your view, I'll make the starlight circle the room... -BANNERS. . I've been visiting some relatives at the cemetery and came back home with a few ideas for a new story. I always get inspired by the gothic architecture of my local cemetery and as someone who really enjoys her gothic novels/aesthetics, I think I should be visiting this place more - kinda morbid, I know but let's say it's for writing purposes, okay? Anyway, it's still bloody hot in here and I just can't wait for the weather to be colder and the sky darker and the days shorter because I'm really tired of this really hot summer. . What about you? Are you more of a summer child or a winter chaser? I love colder seasons so much! And I also can't wait for Halloween and Christmas and all the good stuff!!!

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