The other side of the moon

Sunday, September 02, 2018

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After a well-deserved break from the Internet, I'm back in full force! I think I needed this time to focus on something else instead of numbers and words and the constant reminder that I'm never gonna be enough for the high standards society seems to have. Instead, I focused on myself and the people around me. I had time to think about my own standards, my own goals and came to terms with what I want to do and how much I wanna risk for it. And the truth is, I'd risk everything for m dreams, for the worlds I build inside my head, the words I bleed on my keyboard, the feelings I let others tell and feel, the love, the anger, the fear. The loneliness and the happiness. The light and the dark. Especially the dark. The part of me that nobody has ever seen before. The other side of the moon. Stay tuned, my friends, cool things are coming.

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