Wednesday, August 01, 2018

August is finally here, which means I get to work on my novel very soon, as this month ends and the air is cooler but until then, I feel like I'm not giving writing the importance it should have, you know? As someone who desperately really wants to be a writer, I'm trying very little - or not at all - to be one. 

I blame the weather. My brain can't function in 37 degrees Celsius so I'm waiting for Autumn to knock on my door and finish my book. In the meantime, I have news!!!
Whilst I wait another month to finish my writing project, I thought I should start working on something else as long as I'm writing, constantly, furiously, without stopping. We, humans, are like old cars, you know, it gets easy to rust and once you try to make the engine work, it takes a while to start - sometimes it's better to replace it, even. I don't want to rust. And I don't want to wait. That's why I'm introducing you to a new project which you can also use as you like.

It's called #everydaypoetry and it's basically a way to still write but working on a different project. As I've already said on my Instagram post, you don't have to write poetry, not necessarily, I mean, if you like it or you wanna give it a go, be my guest, but you can work on essays, short stories, thoughts, whatever as long as it's not your big project. It's a way to keep writing and to not end up like those old cars, fancy but dusty and rusty.

If you wanna join me on this journey, all you have to do is use the hashtag #everydaypoetry on Instagram and Twitter whenever you're sharing an original piece, it can be a post on Instagram or one on your blog or any other platform as long as you're sharing it or talking about it. 
I will select some pictures from your accounts that have this hashtag and post them on the blog.
Also, make sure everyone you think could be interested in joining in knows about this so they can have fun and make art!

It'll run for the whole month of August and if you like it then I'll think about doing it again sometime soon!

If you have further questions, you can drop me a tweet or send me an email at


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