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hello and happy 2017!
let me rephrase it.
hello and happy 2018!
much better.

It feels SO WEIRD to say it's 2018, doesn't it? I still have to wrap my head around the fact that it's not 2017 anymore and I should stop wasting paper writing the wrong year. (gotta save those trees, don't we?)
But I'm getting used to it, I'm actually so glad 2017 is finally over and a brand new year is ahead of us!
 It's like opening a new book, you know? Full of possibilities and things that need to happen but you still don't have any idea about it. It's challenging and scary at times but boy if it's exciting!

Speaking of exciting things! Have you seen it? HAVE YOU? I finally have a domain! Say whaaaaat? YUP. Shocking. I KNOW. But it was about time. With the name change though, there will also be a content upgrade. Now, hear me out: I LOOOOVE books. Books are my thing, you know? If there's one question I can answer without thinking about it for more than two seconds is this: What is your thing? BOOKS. So, it was very obvious the fact that I would talk about them a lot more in here. Yes, this place of the Internet will be full of books and pretty covers and random ramblings about that series I loved so much, I guess you can call me a #bookblogger now. 

"Won't you write about general topics, lifestyle content?" I hear you asking. And my honest answer is: of course I will. Listen, as much as I love books, I also love to talk about stuff, let it be random or very specific, if I have something on my chest I need to get out or if I need to tell the Internet how crazy beautiful was that hot pink sky at sunset (so bloody beautiful, if you ask me) I will write it down. So don't you worry, there's a cup of tea for everyone in here!

If you already follow me on Instagram, you know that for the last three month I've been busy writing a book. Now, it's February and I haven't made any progress with it, but I do have half the manuscript printed out and all I need is just for words to come and for the winter to be over so my fingers can avoid hibernation while typing. #relatable 
I will post a lot about writing, from my writing process to little tips on how to survive writer's block, so if you're interested in it, watch this space.

I am very excited to start this new adventure and I hope you will enjoy all the content I will be sharing with you all. 
Massive shout out to the lovely Kate who helped me with the blog design and was SO KIND to reply to all of my e-mails and always being there whenever I needed her help. She has an Etsy shop you should totally check out. She sells VERY PRETTY templates at a VERY REASONABLE price!

That is all for today, folks! I wish you all a good start of the year and if you have any ideas for future posts please, let me know in the comments below! 

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